How to convert 2D to 3D with 3D Video Converter

Need for 2D to 3D Conversion

Entertainment world is still controlled by the 2D as most of the movies, TV shows, games and paper are available in 2D format. But the difference in the quality of the video is leaving people with no other option than to convert 2D to 3D, which is quite simple and can be achieved in just few clicks. The need for 2D to 3D conversion is also felt to enjoy the 3D entertainment from the comfort of one home.

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    2D to 3D video converter
    3D converter - Easily convert any 2D videos to 3D
3D video converter - Share your 3D online
3D video converter - Easy 3D conversion

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Note: If you are using Mac OS, please go to Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Step 1. Import the desired 2D Media Files

To covert a video file one need to select the video icon and then browse for the desired video. The video is selected from the open dialog box and then user needs to click on the “open” button. The selected video will be displayed in the task list.
3D video converter, convert 2D to 3D

Step 2Output Settings

Click “select output” button and then choose the output format as 3D from the drop-down list box. After selecting the 3D format user needs to click on “done” button.

2D to 3D video converter, 2D to 3D video conversion

Step 3Start Conversion by Clicking Start Button

Conversion of 2D to 3D can be started by clicking on the “Start” button. After the successful conversion of the video file, user needs to mouse-over the image and then click play to view the video in 3D format.

Thus, it can be clearly observed that conversion of 2D to 3D is an extremely simple and easy process that can be successfully performed with few clicks.

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