How to use Freeware MacTheRipper to rip DVD to iPod, iPad 2, iPhone 4S on Mac OS X Lion?

Part 1. MacTheRipper – Minus copy protection for free
MacTheRipperMacTheRipper is a free DVD Ripper (extractor) for Mac OS X (Lion included). It can extract commercial DVD movies to your hard drive, minus all the copy protection and region controls put in place by DVD publishers.

And what kind of protections does Mactheripper Lion can remove?

MacTheRipper removes CSS encryption, Macrovision protection, and sets the disc’s region code to ‘0’ for region-free by default. It is capable of removing RCE region protection as well, making an unrestricted copy of any DVD movies you own. It doesn’t rely on the DVD drive to get the CSS decryption keys. It means that you do not need to play the DVD with DVD Player in order to rip it to your hard drive unprotected. MacTheRipper is also capable of removing UOPs, or User Operation Prohibitions, which are the settings that prevent you from skipping or fast forwarding certain parts of DVDs, such as FBI warnings, previews, logos, intros, etc. MacTheRipper is also able to extract discs with the new ARccOS protection, as well as DVDs that have been damaged or improperly mastered.

WARNING: Disabling UOPs can break the navigation on certain DVDs. If you disable UOPs, be sure to verify the DVD with DVD Player before you burn it to DVD±R disc.
1. Download and install Mac The Ripper

To install MacTheRipper Lion , simply mount the .dmg archive by double-click it, and copy the MacTheRipperapplication to your Applications folder (or wherever you want it ), along with this “Mac The Ripper Manual” if you need it.
2. Convert DVD for free with MacTheRipper

Now insert your DVD disc into your Mac and launch the MacTheRipper Lion application. Then, set the RCE options if applicable.

Note: If MacTheRipper displays ‘DISC RCE: -CLEAR‘ after scanning the DVD in the drive, you can leave the ‘RCE Region’ popup menu ‘OFF’, as it is by default. Only (and always) set the ‘RCE Region’ to ‘OFF’ when it says that RCE is ‘-CLEAR-‘.

Once you’ve selected the type of extraction and options you want, you can go back to the ‘Disc’ tab and click the ‘GO!’ button (or hit the ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ key) to start the extraction.

mac the ripper,Mac the ripper snow leopard

Tip: RCE Region Protection:

Region 1: North America; U.S. territories; Bermuda

Region 2: Europe; Western Asia; Kingdom of the Netherlands; Egypt, Japan, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland; British overseas territories, French overseas territories; Greenland

Region 3: East and Southeast Asia

Region 4: Oceania; Central and South America; Caribbean; Mexico

Region 5: Africa, Central and South Asia, Belarus, India, Mongolia, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine

Region 6: Mainland China

3. Finish extracting movie from DVD
mac the ripper, MacTheRipper snow leopard

You can find a folder in the save location. The output files extracted by MacTheRipper are saved as .VOB format which are unplayable on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, iPad, HTC or other tablets, that’s to say, if you wanna enjoy these VOB files on the move, you need convert VOB to comaptible formats first:

Part 2. Convert DVD (VOB files included) to video or audio formats for iPod, iPhone…
After using MacTheRipper to minus the copy protection, we can use iSkysoft DVD Converter for Mac to convert VOB files to formats that are compatible with popular players such as iPod, iPad, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPhone 4/3GS, PSP, Zune, etc.

Tip:In fact, the DVD Converter enables you to directly rip DVD ( DRM protected DVDs or DRM-free DVDs) to whatever formats on your Mac with ease.

Step1. Install and run DVD Converter for Mac
Download and Install DVD Converter for Mac, then launch it!

  • Windows Version Mac Version

Added DVD movies to DVD Ripper

Step 2. Add file to Mac iMedia Converter and select an output format

1) Import the VOB files: Drag and drop the VOB files to the interface of the app, or go to the “File” menu > choose “Add Video Files”.

2) Choose the output format like presets for iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, etc. in the format drop-down list. The default setting works on your devices perfectly. If you want to put the video on PowerPoint, you can choose AVI as the output format (PowerPoint reads MPEG, ASF, AVI, WPL, WMV, WMX, WMD, WMZ, DVR-MS, MPV2, MP2V, MOV, etc.).

  • Select an output format

3) Click “Convert” to start the conversion.

Tip: Compared with Mac The Ripper,DVD Converter for Mac provides you the easier solution to convert DVD and video on Mac OS X (Lion included). It allows you to:

  • Enjoy your favourite videos and movies on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, PSP, etc.
  • Convert videos and DVDs to almost any video and audio format of your choice.
  • Optimized default output presets for iMovie, iDVD and YouTube.
  • Split any part of DVD/video with ease.

Step 3. Import the output files to iPad, iPad 2, iPod, iPhone, iPhone 4S etc.

After the conversion is finished, you can transfer the converted files to the players. For example, use iTunes to transfer the MP4 video to your iPod, here are the steps:

  1. Open iTunes and click “File” to add your converted videos to iTunes library.
  2. Plug in your iPod to your Mac, then iTunes will detect your iPod.
  3. Select your iPod device on the left panel of iTunes, click “Movies” tab, check the videos you want to sync and click “Apply”, done.

Enjoy yourself!

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