How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

when you have many important text messages that want to keep for a long time, but since the phone memory can’t hold as many text messages as you might like to save. You may want to print out these messages to save them, Right? So that you can be able to reread a conversation, reference an important detail or just save a special text.
Luckily, with the help of iPhone SMS Transfer, you can print SMS from iPhone by copying them on computer first. You just need to save the iPhone SMS messages to print as MHT format on PC then open them by IE.
Check following guide, you will find print the text messages from your iPhone is an easy process.

Easy Guide: How to Print iPhone SMS on Computer ?

Step 1: Download and install iPhone Transfer SMS
Download the right version from the below buttons and install the program on you Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2:  Run the program and connect your iPhone
Run the above program on your PC, then connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. Now all your iPhone text messages will show up on your screen as following picture.


Step 3: Copy SMS to computer from iPhone
You can now select the iPhone text messages which you would like to print from the “Messages” pane, click on “Copy” button and choose .MHT file format, which format support print out. Setting a location in your computer to save the SMS and then click on “OK” button.


Step 4: Print iPhone Text Messages
1) Open .MHT file in internet explorer and print
Right click on .MHT file and open it in IE. Now go to “tools” and hit “Print” button or you can simply press “CTRL+P“. This is it, SMS will be printed out exactly they appear in an iPhone.

2) To print iPhone SMS directly
To print all messages of a particular contact, click on the contact name and click on the “Print” button, when you see the picture below, congratulations, you will print iPhone SMS text messages with the help of iPhone SMS Transfer successfully.

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