How to Transfer Photo from iPad to iPad

You know, people like taking photos to record precious moment. With development of online social sharing features, we can view lots of beautiful photos. It is more convenient to enjoy with an iPad. But when you would like to share nice photos with others through transferring between iPads, how can you do? Or you purchase the New iPad, you want to copy photos to the new one to prevent from losing files in the old one. If you are confused about how to transfer photos from iPad to iPad, you will be benefit from this article. A kind of useful apps called TunesGo is strongly recommended.

TunesGo is such a sort of gorgeous apps to move files from one iPad to another iPad, including music, photos, videos, contacts and more. It also supports transfer between iPads, iPhones, iPods and PC.

Here are steps to copy pictures from iPad to the other iPad. Free download Windows version of TunesGo from the button below.

Simple Stamps: How to Export Photos from one iPad to another iPad?

Step 1: Link up two iPads with computer and run the apps
After download the apps onto your desktop and then run it. Link up two iPads with your computer via two USB cables. Then the devices will be searched automatically by the software. If it succeed, the window will appear like this.
On the right of the interface is detailed information of one iPad, including system version of iPad and its used memory. Under tha iPad icon, there are some tools of the program. On the right is information of two iPads respectively.
iPad to iPad Transfer

Step 2: Transfer pictures from iPad to iPad
Choose the iPad you want to export photos from in the left-side list. Click the triangle of “Photos”, then all the photos albums will be shown up on the right interface. Select photos you want to transfer to and then click the drop-down list of “Export to” icon, choose to export to iPad. Please make sure iPads are connecting with your PC during transfer.
Or you can click the “Photo library”, select photos and then export pictures to.

Transfer iPad Photo to iPad

When transfer is done, you can open the target iPad, open the “Photo library”, photos have been saved in that files. It’s easy to operation, download it and try.

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