How to transfer music/photo/sms files from iPhone to iPhone 5

iPhone to iPhone Transfer is not only to transfer iPhone files to iPhone 4S or new iPhone 5, and also to backup iPhone movies, music, photos, ePub, TV Show, SMS, Contacts, podcast, iTunes U, audio books, voice memos, etc. to computer directly, even transfer computer files to iPhone. Besides, it support the all types of iPad and iPod, iPod touch and more.

Apple has make it difficult to copy or transfer the music, video files that stored on iPhone to iPhone for the protected copyrights on iPhone video, music. If you’re worried about transferring files from your old iPhone to your shiny new iPhone 5, then don’t worry as iPhone to iPhone Transfer software has you covered.
iPhone to Mac Transfer is the professional iPhone file transfer software, which can help you transfer movies, music, books and photos between multiple Apple iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc. And it support to transfer computer video, audio, image, etc. to iPhone.
All you need to do is follow these steps to transfer music files from your iPhone to new iPhone.

Easy Guide: How to transfer music files from iPhone to iPhone 5?

• Step 1: Free Download the iPhone to iPhone Transfer software, install and run the program and connect two Devices to PC.

• Step 2: Choose the category list of one device that you need to export files. Check the files that need to export in the Content Panel and click “Transfer file(s) from device to device” button. All the checked files from one device can be transferred to the other one.

1. Please make sure you have installed iTunes on your computer and please do not run iTunes while running this program.
2. While transfer files from one device supporting higher resolution than the other device, the program will first convert files to lower resolution to fit for the other device.
3. For the files in the nodes of TV Shows, iTunes U and Podcasts, after transfer these files from one device to the other, these files will be shown in the categories of Music and Movies in the other device.
4. The files in the nodes of Recordings and Camer Roll in one device can not be transferred to the other device.

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