Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac

  • Product : Flash Video MX for Mac
  • License : Free Trial
  • Price :$89.95
  • OS Supported : Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard)
  • Date Added : 2010-02-03
  • Support :


  • Work with most of your media source.

    Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac supports a wide range of import file formats, making your digital camera video, QuickTime video, HD video, iPod video, Apple TV video, Windows Media file, Real Media file, and even Flash video accessible to the program.

  • Credit your work with watermark/advertisements.

    Add company logo or Ad in the form of image, video or text to credit your work. With Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac, you can specify the size and location of the watermark.

    You can also add hyperlink to the video, so that a page or related content will be opened when the video screen is clicked.

  • Ensure your work with most exposure.

    The output Flash video and flash video player work on most computers, as over 90% of internet browsers are installed with Adobe Flash Player. You do not need to worry about your audience to install extra media before watching your video.

  • Optimize your player with preloader, playlist.

    Take various types of visitors into consideration, and add preloader to your player so as to bring better user experience on your site while the video is buffering. You can also specify the player to start loading video after visitors click the play button for interaction.

    The general Flash video player will play one video at a time. However, with the option to display videos on a player, it is easy for your visitors to choose the videos to play.

  • Edit video with the effect you like.

    Want to replace the original audio with a new oneNo problem. The editor tab in Flash Video MX for Mac enables you to replace audio, loop the audio according to video. You can also trim and crop video, flip video, adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, set default volume and join clips into a single movie.


  • Load multiple video files and easily customize the files, instead of loading one after each conversion.
  • No need to install codec package before converting videos.
  • Get sample HTML code to embed Flash video to target web page, iWeb, etc.
  • Select an encoding profile or customize video & audio settings like bit rate, codec, frame rate, keyframe interval, and sample rate.
  • Cut off unwanted image area, trim video duration, join videos and clips to create a new movie file.
  • Include basic video editing like brightness, contrast, saturation, volume, deinterlacing, flipping horizontally and vertically.
  • Add filter effect to your video with simple gauss blur, simple laplacian sharpen, gray, aged film, invert and flip color.
  • Save time with the option to apply settings to all files on the list.
  • Add image watermark/logo in formats like *.jpg, *.ico, *.bmp, *.png, *.gif, *.tiff.
  • Add video and text watermark to show your creation.
  • Replace audio with a nice song/music to make the movie play in your favorite mode.
  • Edit video and preview effect in real-time to make the output file play as expected.
  • Choose a player skin and colorful your page with related theme.
  • Control video playback with flash variable like enabling player to load video automatically.
  • Include full-screen playback on the output file.
  • Add preloader and special effect to make your player more user-friendly.
  • Save player settings and encoding settings in profile for quick selection in future usage.
  • Output player with horizontal scrollable playlist to display several videos.
  • Customize the item name on playlist, instead of using the file name of the video.
  • Quickly capture a representative image of the video for display before video start playing, or to show as the item thumbnail in playlist.


  • Q: What are the differences between the trial version and the registered version?

    A: As to the trial version, there will be a Moyea watermark on the generated files. The output player does not support the open API for Flash variables. The registered/full version does not include such limitations and enables you to enjoy our timely after-sales services. When you are using the trial version, there is a “Try” button every time you launch the program. With the registered/full version, there is no “Try” button, and you just need to register with the registration code when it is the first time you launch the program.

  • Q: What is the difference between Flash movie (SWF) and Flash video(FLV)?

    A: There is a 16000-frame limit on Flash SWF files, thus there is video duration limit for Flash movie. The flash player won’t play the frames after the 16000th frame, even if your SWF file contains more than 16000 frames. However, there is no such limit in FLV format. To get around the 16000 frame limit, choose to generate FLV.

  • Q: How to register the software?

    A: After purchasing a license, you will get an email with download link and registration code for the full version within 24 hours. Install the full version, copy and paste the registration code in the registration window.

    If you did not get the registration information, please contact us with your order ID and the email address you used for the order.

  • Q: How to add Flash to iWeb?

    A: Follow the steps below:

    1. Choose to convert file with player, and make sure that the box for “Generate HTML file” is checked. Flash Video MX for Mac will automatically output the html code to play the SWF that you are encoding.

    2. After uploading your file to your server, you will get the file path of the Flash SWF file. Change the html code with the file path of your swf file.

    3. Choose Insert -> HTML Snippet or choose HTML Snippet from the bottom of the iWeb window. Copy and paste the code with the direct file path.

    4. Apply and the Flash movie will play now.

Version History

  • Moyea Flash Video MX for Mac V.1.0

    (January 31, 2010)

    Moyea released the Mac solution for users to convert video to Flash with flash video player on iMac, MacBook.

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