How to play 3D video

How to Play 3D Movie and 3D Blu-ray

3D technology has successfully penetrated into consumer markets based on the popularity of 3D movies in the theaters, which has greatly upgraded the industry. A lot of great and famous 3D movies, such as Avatar, are so popular nowadays. Some of these 3D movies are also available as 3D Blu-ray DVDs which you can watch quite conveniently at home if you have a device with 3D support. People usually use a 3D player to play 3D video and play 3D Blu-ray, on computer if you have professional 3D Blu-ray software

How to Play 3D Movie with ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre

Step 1Open 3D Blu-ray DVD disc

Install and launch AVS Media Player. Note: Please make sure your computer system matches the requirements. Insert your 3D Blu-ray DVD disc, and the application will start to playback the disc automatically.

How to Play 3D Movie

Step 2Enable 3D function

Click the “3D” button, located on the top control panel. The General Settings dialog box displays. Check the “Always play Blu-ray 3D movies in 3D mode” option. If this option is unchecked, the application plays Blu-ray 3D movies in 2D mode.

How to Play 3D Movie

Step 3Customize relevant settings

Check the “Auto Detect Source File Layout” checkbox to automatically play movies in 3D mode. In case of mis-detection, please manually set the source layout: 2D, Left/Right, Top/Down, Anaglyph, or Checkerboard. Drag the “Depth Perception” slider to adjust the amount of depth in the video image.

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