Solution to Recover Files from A Dead Samsung Phone

If you are a Samsung user who are fond of flashing a ROM or rooting your phone, brick is one of the most common and toughest problems that you are going to face and it is quite necessary and important for you to know about major reasons for dead Samsung phone. When this issue does happen, plenty of questions might occur on your mind: what is brick? Why brick occurs on my Samsung smart phones? How to avoid brick problem? Will my phone get bricked while flashing ROM? How to recover files from a dead Samsung phone? … Don’t be too anxious, because you are able to repair a bricked device by yourselves! Please keep on reading to get those reasons and solutions.

Part 1: 4 Reasons for Bricked Samsung Phone

1. Caused by flashing a ROM

Any mistakes made while flashing a ROM will cause a dead Samsung, which may make your phone reboot itself automatically or be stuck on boot screen, or encounter some errors like camera problem, no cellular network service or WiFi errors, especially flash a custom ROM. What you need to do is make sure that the flash tool used is reliable and The stock ROM that will be installed supports your Samsung device.

2. Caused by rooting Samsung Phone

Quite a lot of Samsung users would like to root their phones, but some of them fail to follow the instructions of rooting correctly, so that they will unluckily get a bricked device. Note that from time to time, rooting with PC method can also result in such a plight, because using computer to do rooting requires you to install a custom recovery first, but sometimes the phone will reboot into boot-loop after you install the custom recovery. If so, you need to do a “wipe date/factory reset”, then the problem will be solved.

3. Caused by using apps that require root access

In this case, aiming to change your rooted Samsung phone’s RAM, graphics, CPU, or accelerate your CPU, some apps may ask you to grant root access. Once you allow it and reboot your device according to the requirement, then you will get a dead phone with corrupted software. Next you have to flash a stock ROM, which will cause brick problem again when you have wrong operation. Thus, please pay attention to the pop-up demanding messages next time and think twice before taking action.

4. Caused by factory data reset

A rooted Samsung phone has a higher risk of being bricked after a factory data reset, so it would be wise for you not to reset your telephone in system setting when it is rooted and has a custom recovery like CWM, TWRP, CTR, PhilZ. However, if you do want to reset your Samsung phone, please boot it into the Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up + Power key + Home Button simultaneously for 3-5 seconds and tap on “wipe data/factory reset”, then the problem can be settled.


Even though you’ve known in what condition your Samsung telephone might experience brick, accidents are unavoidable and unexpected, therefore, you also need to have a grasp of extracting data from a dead Samsung device. Let’s go on reading to see how to do.

Part 2: Retrieve Files from a Bricked Samsung Phone via Android Data Extraction

With the aid of Android Data Extraction, you can easily recover files trapped in a dead Samsung device, such as Contacts, Messaging, Call History, WahtsApp messages and attachments, Gallery, Audio, Video and Documents.

Step 1: Run the pre-installed Android Data Extraction toolkit on PC, select Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device) and plug your Samsung Galaxy into a computer.


Step 2: Tick the corresponding boxes of the types of file that you want to recover, or you can directly click on “Next” to move on, because by default, the program has selected all the files for you. Note that currently this function only supports broken Samsung devices.

Select Data

Step 3: According to your Samsung phone is bricked, choose the type “1.Touch does not work or cannot access the phone”, then you will enter the next step.

Extraction Mode

Step 4: It is very important to choose the correct device name and model from the lists. However, presently the supported devices is limited, including Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab series. Nevertheless, we are still sparing no effort to add more types to meet your need!


After selecting the device model, a small prompt will pop up for reconfirmation, requiring you to manually type the word “confirm” in the blue box and click on “Confirm” button to continue the recovery process.

Select Device Model

Step 5: Boot your phone into the Download Mode by following the instruction below:

Enter Download Mode

1. Power off the phone by long pressing the power button for 10 seconds.


2.Next press and hold Volume Down + Home button + Power button to put your Samsung device into Download Mode.


3. Press the Volume Up to confirm that you want to enter download mode.

Samsung Download Mode

Finally, click on “Start” in the software to go on.


Step 6: In the Download Mode, the program will begin scanning your Samsung device and download the recovery package. Next, the files that can be restored will be displayed by categories and you can select what you want and preview them. Finally, hit “Recovery” and save the retrieved data into PC for the later transfer.

Preview Recover Broken Android 
Hope that this function for retrieving files from dead Samsung phones can really settle your problem. However, it is better for you to remember the reasons that can lead to brick issue and try to avoid them. Last but not the least, we recommend you to form a habit of backing data up beforehand, which helps to bypass the unpleasant data loss.

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