How to Transfer iPhone SMS to Mac/PC

I accidently lost all important messages my boy friend sent me in my iPhone 4. It’s frustrating if
such things happen again. Is there a tool that could help me backup my text messages from
iPhone to my Laptop. I have a Sony Laptop. Will iTunes do the trick?

As is known that if you sync your iPhone with iTunes, all data, your messages included, will be
backed-up in your iTunes. In such case if you lost your messages, you can easily get back.
However all existing data in you iPhone will be overwritten by the restored data from iTunes.
Now to free yourself from such kind of dilemma, here is a perfect solution for you: Easily copy all
SMS from iPone to Mac/PC with a message copier.

Easily copy iPhone text messages to your PC or Mac
Firstly, download a message copy tool- Wondershare Dr.Fone. Install and run the program after
install. Here are the Free trial version for you to download

There are two ways for you to copy messages to PC or Mac

Part 1: Directly Transfer messages from iphone to your computer.

Step 1: Use USB to connect iPhone to your PC.

iPhone 4/3GS/iPad 1/or iPod touch 4 users, please choose Wondershare Dr.fone to copy iphone
messages to your PC/Mac directly.

You will see a Window as below:

copy iphone sms to pc

Step 2:Scan your device by entering DFU Mode.

Now continue to follow the tips you see in the window above.

transfer iphone notes to pc

Step 3: pre-view what you can get back

When you finish scanning, all data you lost/deleted recently will display. You may select
“Messages” from the lest and check all you want recover, then click “Reocver”. All messages you
want are now saved in your hard disk now.

Message attachments can also transferred by choosing related button from the left.

copy iphone messages to mac

Part 2: Extract your iTunes backup to copy messages to your PC

If you failed to find messages by using the mode above, you can follows steps below so as to
transfer the message from your iTunes Backup.

Step 1: Sync iPhone with iTunes

Please note although iTunes will backup your data after the sync, you will not be able to read
the file or get access to it. But it’s OK. After sync please disconnect it.

Step 2:Run Wondershare Dr.Fone

You will get an interface as below:

transfer iphone sms to mac

Please choose “Recover from iTunes Backup File” model, then click”Start Scan”

Step 3: Preview what you can transfer and then click “Recover” to save them on your computer.

Get Back all lost data for your iPhone
Lost your important photos, contact, calendar, messages, videos etc from your iPhone and
Wondering if ever there’s a magic tool to help you get back these important files? There
surely is! All you need is a Doctor.

Free yourself from the depression of losing important data in your iPhone
First of all you will need a program which can magically save your lost or accidently deleted
data—Wondershare Dr.Fone.

You can download it here:

I will show exactly how you can get back your lost data in three easy steps (my following
instructions will be based on Mac users. For Windows users you can find a detailed guide

1. Download Wondershare Dr.Fone for Mac, install/run the program on your Mac.

You may choose the right device you are using from an interface like below:

Important: Please do not choose to sync your iPhone with iTune at this time, or your
previous data will be overwritten.

2. Choose the right Mode to restore
With Wondershare Dr.Fone you can either restore your data from iTunes or directly
recover from your devices.
Please connect your device to Mac if you choose the second mode or you don’t have to
connect should you choose the first one.

3. Either recover from device or iTunes backup

You may find many backup file records for each iDevice if you once connected more than
1 iPone with iTunes. Please check what you want to recover and then start to scan(make
sure you’ve entered your iPhone’s system).

4. Preview what you can get back and Recover now!

When finish scanning, all files that can be recovered will be displayed. Choose what you
want and click “Recover”

Now your recovered files are now saved in your hard disk. Go check it!

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